Our trail/ Foot prints:

              Tungal School was started in the year 2003, with an intension of providing quality education to the aspiring , talented, deserving children of Jamkhandi region along with our own 2 kids. Our dream was to help children grow into adulthood with knowledge, values, ideascapable of becoming leaders in their chosen fields, irrespective of their social and economical backgrounds.

             It is our strong conviction that the basic primary education is most effective in mother tongue. We started Higher Primary in Kannada Medium. Since most of higher studiesare in English, we felt the need to make students well versed with English by the time they reach PU level, so we started English Medium High School. There started our journey into uncharted water of the field to which we were new, relying only on our strong conviction of doing good. The School started in 2003 with 110 students and 8 teachers. Within first few years our work started bearing fruits and School earned the reputation as one of the Best in the twin districts of Bagalkot and Vijayapura.

             As the first batch passed their high school, lack of good Science PU College in the region necessitated the founding of a science PU college in the same campus in 2006. Which started with 100 students, has now become one of the most sought after college in the district providing education to more than 1000 students. It has consistently been No.1 both in terms of PU results and competitive entrance exams.

             Some of our good students who completed primary education here preferred to continue their high school in Kannada medium,then came the idea of providing them an opportunity to pursue the same by starting Kannada Medium High School in 2006.

             Since we realized, learning starts much earlier in Childs life and most of the basic skills can be taught easily at a much earlier age, we came with the Montessori Schoolproject in 2008. This pre-School system has been extended to involve lower primary, hence completing the spectrum from Pre School to Pre-University (Science) Education.

             Since beginning, we had a dream of sending students to prestigious Engineering and Medical colleges like IIT/AIIMS from our region. As number of students opting for these programmes at Jamkhandi was less, we stepped into Vijayapura with the hope of building a batch of students that can prepare for these exams with PU college project in 2010. Now it’s 5 year old, the college is taking its shape on a beautiful campus at Vijayapura. To provide good foundation for the students willing to appear for the National Competitive Examsat 10+2, high school has also been started in 2013.

             Some of the dreams dreamt then have come true, but many more are yet to become a reality. We have come a long way but still there is a long way to go.

             We are thankful to those people, who have accompanied us in this journey making it more beautiful by their love, guidance, service and talent.